Appliance covers

I decided my kitchen appliances needed covers, so I measured them and made patterns using the 'shapes' feature in Garment Designer. I used the seam length details to make sure the pieces would fit together.

I found some fabric in Dunelm Mill which was wadding and a plain broadcloth bonded together, to use as the lining, and some beige spotted fabric to use, together with some beige and cream fat quarters, as the outer fabric. I layered the outer and lining pieces and sewed them together, then finished the seam with my overlocker. Finally, I finished the bottom edge with some beige bias binding.

Above, the bread maker and the food processor. Below, the rice cooker and the slow cooker. (You can just about see a steamer in the cupboard as well, but that is in a very old purchased toaster cover.)

The blue pyramid is an iPad stand to use when I'm following a recipe on Pepperplate, which I made a while back – I plan to make one in beige to match the kitchen decor better at some time.