Garment Designer

Garment Designer


Garment Designer for Windows or Macintosh is a garment design program that allows you to create patterns for both sewing and knitting. It includes libraries of ready-to-wear body measurements, or you can input your own measurements to create a more custom fit.  While you work, you can see the shape of your body (the sloper) sitting inside the pattern you are building.


The process is simple.


  • Choose the size you want to work with (built-in or custom)
  • Select the category of clothing (top, dress, skirt, pant, etc.)
  • Choose your desired garment styles (neckline, armhole, body style, etc.)
  • If you like, edit the points through click-and-drag, to customize either the fit or the style.
  • The built-in pattern smarts keep armhole/sleeve and neckline/collar combinations in sync with each other.
  • The symmetry function helps make changes to the pattern in all the corresponding places at once.
  • Add any extra style items such as collars, pockets, etc.
  • Sewers may then add facings, hems, seam allowances, as desired.
  • Knitters will input their gauge.
  • Print schematics, patterns, and/or knitting instructions.


Visit the Cochenille Design Studio web page to find out more.


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Garment Designer Style Sets


Style Sets are optional plug-ins to Garment Designer which add more style options to mix and match with existing styles.


Style Set 1 provides with 45+ additional style elements (basic tops, boleros, vests, necklines, armholes, etc.).


Style Set 2 contains 50+ additional style elements (body styles, neckline, skirt, pants, scalloped hems, etc.).


To see what is included in Style Set 1, download this PDF file, and Style Set 2, download this PDF file,


Purchase Garment Designer and Style Sets

As I am now retired, please contact your local distributor, or Cochenille Design Studio directly.