Garment Design Software for Knitting or Sewing

Garment Designer Software


Please Note – I am now retired. If you wish to purchase Garment Designer software, it is available directly from Cochenille at







I was the UK distributor for Cochenille Design Studio’s Garment Designer,  a software program for Windows and Macintosh that can be used to design sewn and knitted garments using custom measurements.


Also from Cochenille Design Studio, Proportioned4You is a PDF book (with accompanying spreadsheet if you have MS Office or a compatible program) that allows you to use your own body measurements to calculate the proportions needed to make a range of simple garments.


Hurth Ruler is a ruler that helps you take a number of these measurements needed for pattern drafting software more easily, and also to take measurements of existing garments to help you develop patterns that incorporate their proportions or design features.