Updated machine covers

I recently purchased a new sewing machine. It is somewhat larger than my old one, so the machine cover I made just over a year ago did no tfit it. It seemed a shame to get rid of the cover after I had put in the effort to make it, so I converted it into a cover for my main overlocker. This involved opening up the top of the cover, and cutting some away. The overlocker has a narrower but deeper footprint, and is a bit taller than my old sewing machine. I therefore added a little to the height of the front and back of the cover, and made a new top to match the new footprint. When I sewed this in place, I retained two of the side seams as corners.

Here is the repurposed cover on the overlocker:

Meanwhile, this left the new machine without a cover (apart from the rigid plastic cover it came with), so I made use of some blue patchwork I had been working on for a cover for the overlocker. It needed to be made wider, and have more strips added, and I also needed to make end pieces. Here it is:

So now my machines can be protected from the dust when not in use.