Wedding dress bustling

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Wedding dresses with trains look lovely for the ceremony, but the train can be a nuisance at the reception, so it can be raised up by what is known by ‘bustling’. There are two main methods for this, ‘overbustling’ where the train is lifted on the outside of the dress, and ‘underbustling’ where it is taken up on the inside of the dress. Depending on the width of the skirt, the train may be raised at a single point or it may need additional points to be raised.


This wedding dress was shortened at the front retaining the scalloped lace edging. Since the train was so long, I added a hook on a concealed ribbon and a loop hidden in the lace design  to ‘bustle’ it for the wedding reception. Because of the design of this dress, the bride and I decided to achieve this with  ‘overbustling’.




On another dress where I set it for ‘overbustling’, the hook was concealed under some trim. Here is a close up showing the hook and thread loop used.




On this dress, however, the style meant that ‘underbustling’ made a more attractive effect.






When ‘underbustling’ I use pairs of ribbons or tapes on the inside of the dress that are tied together to achieve the effect.